Pacific Ocean 〜Calm sea〜

Yutaka Ebisawa


Creatures made unlivable by environmental problems such as global warming and climate change are travelling to another world, 'Sea Space', to escape from the Earth and find a new place to settle.

They all get on well together and enjoy their journey, just like swimming in a calm sea.

Below is information on the original artwork.

Sea Space Journey Series II Pacific Ocean 〜Calm Sea〜

Size: 420 x 594 mm
Technique : Stippling, pen drawing


NFT / digital art


Inspired by Kaiyukan(Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan), I have created a series of works that travel through another world, 'sea space'.

Sea space is an original alternative world that combines the sea and space. In our world, it is the universe.
Both the sea and space are mysterious worlds, both beautiful and terrifying.

I express my own thoughts and ideas about such a mysterious world in the form of pointillism, based on multiverse theory.

Yutaka Ebisawa

1997 Born in Tokyo, Japan

2019 Graduated from Yamawaki College of Art and Design, Visual Design Department

Solo exhibitions

2023 Gallery Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan

Art fairs

2023 Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello - Venice / Italy
Future Landscapes - BORDERS ART FAIR

2023 Grand Front Osaka - Osaka Unknown ASIA

And many more.


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-