Metaverse and NFT are currently attracting a great deal of attention around the world.
In the field of art, metaverse and NFT marketplaces of various sizes have emerged, where artists are challenging new forms of expression in the field of virtual space, and the resulting works are traded around the world as NFTs, transcending national borders.

Art fans (viewers, collectors, etc.) can freely enjoy art in the virtual space without worrying about physical restrictions such as storage space, size and design of exhibition space, etc. In the marketplace, they can purchase artworks by artists from around the world anytime they want. Artists, on the other hand, are now free from physical limitations and can create innovative and original works of art and sell them to art fans around the world through the marketplace.

In order to convey to as many art fans and artists as possible the appeal of the new art scene that has emerged in this "Metaverse Era," we have launched the exhibition project "LIBRE," which means "freedom and liberation.

LIBRE, which is primarily deployed in the online virtual space, is a project that aims to provide easy access to the world's finest digital art anytime, anywhere.

As a project originating from Japan, LIBRE will introduce digital artworks by Japanese artists, works by artists from around the world who are influenced by Japanese culture, and other works in various styles to Japan and the world, so please look forward to it.