Children who dislike COVID-19 testing #001

Yuto Mori


After entering the covid-19 wreck, children had to put foreign objects deep into their noses every time they had a fever.
Children often catch colds.
Each time I feel pain and cry.
Parents will see the scene every time they take them to the pediatrician.
I hope my children will be free from this pain soon.


NFT / digital art


I am interested in, and to a lesser extent influenced by, Art Brut.
In painting, I am completely self-taught and have had no education other than compulsory art classes.
I release my daily pain and difficulty in living by painting.
I create paintings in a self-therapeutic way (or, to put it more softly, to release stress).
Please take a look.

Yuto Mori

1983 Born in Hyogo, Japan Lives and works in Japan

2006 Joined a studio in Osaka as an assistant

2010 Became independent 2010 Set up own studio in Fukushima-ku, Osaka

2015 Joined APA ( japan Advertising Photographers' Association)

2020 Started painting on the occasion of the Covid-19 pandemic

2022 Established Taijyu Co.

Main solo exhibitions

2022 'Fuyuu' calo bookshop and cafe Osaka


2021 "Fuyu" + "Sanaka" private edition


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-


ArtworksLIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-