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NFT / デジタルアート


This piece was written for a friend of mine who had a baby, and I wrote it as a naming note for the baby as a birthday gift. What kind of future will he have when he grows up? It will surely be a bright and energetic future that we cannot imagine today.

The original drawing is an upcycled artwork that utilises a canvas made from substandard fabric from Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan's largest denim production area by volume. I hope you will appreciate the delicate and durable texture of denim, which is the pride of Japan.


Lives and works in Kyoto.

Produces calligraphy works incorporating contemporary art, vision art in tie-up with Japanese manufacturing companies, and upcycled art.

She places great importance on creating the emotion and charm created by letters, and the moments that resonate in the heart.


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-