Kanan Sumiyoshi


This is "the only work in the world that expresses 'calligraphy x art x cute', drawn by the internationally active calligrapher and artist 'Kanan Sumiyoshi'.

The background and outlines are all drawn with a Japanese brush, making it a one-of-a-kind work.

This work called FAN-BEAR was drawn by Kanan Sumiyoshi when she launched her NFT works, a total of 258 bears from the first to the third series have been released so far, and bears in various outfits have been sent out into the world.

This year's exhibition features the Dragon Bear, which was chosen by popular vote.The golden letters in the background depict Kanan's autograph.


NFT / デジタルアート


This work was chosen to be exhibited from amongst the many FAN-BEAR creations by fans voting for it.
I feel very fortunate that the Dragon Bear was chosen out of more than 200.

One of the representative calligraphic styles that I inherited from my teacher,Tonan, is the 'Kyuryusyo', which is characterised by characters that resemble dragons.
The dragon, which also inherited her master's will, will fly high into the sky in Kyoto.

The work shows the enthusiasm of the fans for FAN-BEAR.
We look forward to the circle of FAN-BEAR expanding in the future.

Kanan Sumiyoshi

Calligrapher-artist Kanan Sumiyoshi

Studied under the Calligrapher who presented works to the Japanese Imperial Family,Tonan at the age of nine.

In addition to the five script styles of Seal Script, Clerical Script, Cursive Script, Semi-cursive Script, and Regular Script, she inherited all the secrets of pictographic scripts that imitate dragons, animals, and plants from her master at the age of eleven.

Established a unique realm of original calligraphy art and manga ink painting, she has held solo exhibitions in many countries around the world.

With the theme of warmth and innovation, her work combines tradition and contemporary sensibilities and captivates people.


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-