【VOID】 means 'empty', but it refers to the super-void in the universe, the area where there are almost no galaxies. Our brains and bodies are very similar to the structure of the universe, and there is a lot of information and VOID in our bodies, which is constantly expanding and changing.


NFT / digital art


Our bodies and lives are also like bubbles, containing fragility and emptiness amidst vast amounts of information, expansion and disorder. I hope you enjoy this painting with your senses and intuition, as a simple explanation would be tactless.


Born in Fukui Prefecture. Based in the Kanto region, she is involved in a wide range of activities, including book design, character design and teaching art materials, while also being active in exhibition activities. She draws illustrations in a variety of analogue and digital media, including fountain pen ink art, watercolours and pen drawings, with a focus on creative drawings that combine alcohol ink art and illustration.


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-