Flower fan held by tengu



This painting shows a flower with an eight-armed leaf, also known as a tengu leaf fan. The eight-armed leaf is said to be carried by the tengu in Japanese mythology and folklore, hence the name tengu leaf fan. Tengu are mountain-dwelling monsters with long noses and red faces. Tengu are believed to have the power to fly and move things with their telekinesis. This painting depicts an imaginary tengu's power to turn eight leaves into flowers.


NFT / digital art


This work is digital art based on analogue three-dimensional objects. It is a mixed media expression technique based on 'modelling x photography x drawing'. The original figurative object is created, photographed, digitally painted and NFT-ed. It is an attempt to blur the boundary between the real and the virtual, to create strange and new visual effects, and to question the current state of the media art environment as a result of the emergence of NFT art.


Mixed media artist, working across analogue and digital, modelling and drawing.
Born 1977, Fukui Prefecture.
Awarded the Director's Prize of the Fukui Fine Arts Museum at the 74th Fukui Prefecture General Art Exhibition in 2023.


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-