#024 Party night at EdoVivid

Frenzy Beach


An uncategorised banquet where neither earthlings nor aliens, race nor gender, minority nor majority matter: ????
A world where the boundaries between being the same and being different are beautifully spun.
In the world of EdoVivid, extraterrestrial life forms coexist and co-prosper, and a variety of participants gather at this party called 'NO BORDER'. The party is a place where all intelligent life forms can interact without categorisation. The party is also a place where social issues and problems can be discussed and resolved.


NFT / digital art


Virtual Ukiyoe artwork depicting the 'now' of people living in the virtual world 'EdoVivid' in the year 20XX, where the Edo period continues without end.

This work is part of the 'EdoVivid 48 LovesSeries', the latest in the NFT art collection themed on the love stories of 48 lovers living in the world of EdoVivid. Enjoy the utopian world of "EdoVivid" with its prayers and wishes that the world will move towards a wonderful future without sadness.

Frenzy Beach

A unit by husband and wife, producers and designers with over 20 years of commercial design experience, currently working on NFT and creating their own IP. (FrenzyBeach is the name of the Unit, not the name of the individual.)


LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-