LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-

NFT is an innovative technology created with the advent of Web3. It is said that this technology will give new value to digital works that have been difficult to value in the past, and in conjunction with the development of the metaverse, will revolutionize the art scene in the future. Currently, artists in Japan and abroad are beginning to take up the challenge of using this new technology to create new forms of expression, creating innovative works that cannot be found in conventional artworks.

This exhibition will introduce the appeal of NFT art to a wide audience. The exhibition will be held at the Kyoto Kyocera Museum of Art's "Hall of Light," where printed digital works will be exhibited, and at the same time, the same works will be exhibited in the Metaverse. In the Hall of Light, the Metaverse venue will be projected on a large monitor allowing visitors to experience it on their desktops, and also to experience the Metaverse venue in VR using HMD (head mounted display).