Moving Forward Beyond Fear



The process is shaped by their own fears and anxieties, and the awareness and insights gained from sharing them, as well as the experience of increased positive options. In particular, we feel that the advice of those who have experienced the situation, 'it's going to happen somehow', helped to ease the fears and anxieties of the creators. Through this work, we hope to convey to many people the importance of the process of overcoming fears and anxieties and the importance of sharing with others.


NFT / digital art


The idea is that many people have feelings of 'fear' or 'anxiety' and that the process of overcoming these feelings is part of growing up. The intention is to convey the importance of reducing fear or finding new perspectives and options through the words and perspectives of people with experience.


1990 Born in
Graduated from University of Tsukuba in 2009
Currently a director of a listed IT company


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